Microengineered hybrid fibres
for large structures

Our hybrid fibre preforms provide efficiency, quality, and sustainability for large scale composite structures.



Pliable preforms without impregnation or curing, in the entire value chain.


Superior quality

Lowest void content and guaranteed uniform fibre distribution.



Lightweight, homogeneous joints, without the need for fasteners or adhesives.



Repair, reuse, or recycle components and cutting scrap made from Antefil materials.

Introducing hybrid bicomponent fibres

Antefil ("ante" being Latin for "before") composites technology combines thermoplastic polymers with individual reinforcing filaments, before a yarn is formed. The result are flexible preforms which behave like dry textiles, but already contain all the polymer required for part production, exactly where it is needed.

Our approach reduces the cycle time of large scale part production while improving material quality through a guaranteed uniform distribution of fibres and plastic. We enable the use of continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastics for largest parts, which can be welded and recycled. These features provide the potential for further time and cost savings during production, transport, and assembly, and help pave the way for a circular material economy.

Following the establishment of hybrid bicomponent fibre technology at ETH Zurich, Antefil is currently developing the scaled production of its innovative new preform.

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